2012 Was Supposed to be the End of Everything. Really?

If Doomsday Proponents Had Their Way With the Ancient Mayan Calendar, The End of the World in December 2012 Would Have Meant No More Life, No More Plants, No More Planting. And, No More Herbs. Oh my!

We still get a kick out of this video.

We found it to be entertaining and informative.

The Mayans may have had a point. Or, they just needed new material. Or, they ran out of space for continuing their little stone calendar beyond 2012.

Hollywood and the History Channel sure has helped their cause. In 2010, 2011, or 2012. See what you think.



Leave a comment and let us know.

— Oz

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Herb Gardening Popularity Rises in All Cultures

Herb gardening is most often associated with cooking. However, herbs are also grown for their scent. their esthetic quality and for minor health remedies. Herb gardening is fun and provides a sense of accomplishment. 

Herb gardening is a good way for non-experts to start a garden, whether in a yard or in pots placed on a sunny windowsill.  Herb gardening is among one of the oldest types of gardening, and has recently become popular in home gardening. 

Herb gardening is easiest when you buy already-established plants.  It is is a wonderful way to enjoy God’s bounty, while improving your overall health and outlook on life. 

Successfully growing herbs depends on properly managing the following:

  • Location
  • Soil
  • Site preparation
  • Drainage
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Storing and Preserving the Harvest of Your HomeGrown Herbs

The preservation and storage of freshly harvested herbs is every bit as pleasurable and gratifying as cultivating them. And this is particularly true when considering medicinal herbs.

Now that you have gathered the herb crop, you will want them to last for as long as possible. The best way to do this is through a drying out process. In days past, it was custom to merely hang the herbs inside a warm, dry, shady area, waiting till they crumbled easily, then inserting them into different storage containers.

Custom also dictated that the roots were cleaned, split and then distributed into a single layer on a thoroughly clean tray. This method still used diligently by a few herbal healthcare specialists. It is not uncommon to walk into a herb shop and actually buy a “bunch” of herbs. Or, you can buy them online at sites like one of our favorites Mountain Rose Herbs.

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Herbs in a Kit

So, you want to start an herb garden. Congratulations!

If you like to garden, you’ll find no better sense of fulfillment than the experience of planning from scratch , planting, nurturing, and watching your garden grow beautifully toward a rich harvest. What many current successful herbalists won’t admit to you is that they began their hobby by starting with ready-made herb kits. Many will tell you that this is the best approach to starting your herb gardening.

Planting an herb garden is a delightful and rewarding hobby that has been enjoyed for centuries by people all over the world. However, for some individuals, there are many factors which make growing a garden from seed an unrealistic endeavor.

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Brighten Your Window This Winter By Using An Herb Garden To Cheer Up The Atmosphere!

When winter makes its presence felt, and it begins nipping at your nose and ears, don’t allow the resulting blues to affect your love for gardening.

Just carry your garden inside!

An indoor window garden will boost your and everyone else’s spirits and help keep the gloomy winter feel outside in the cold where it belongs. Also, with sensibly chosen winter plants — some fragrant, some colorful, others edible and flavorful, you’ll be able to enhance your winter menus. Try this wonderful winter gardening remedy today:

Your kitchen windowsill is the perfect place for starting a seasonal, indoor garden. It will sustain your gardener’s soul and warm your heart with perfect seasonings for tasty, nutritious and wholesome soups, broths and stews. The key is to plant timely, healthful herbs when autumn frosts begin to shut down your outside gardening.

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Harvesting Home Grown Herbs

Growing herbs is just part of the fun of cultivating your herb garden. Yet, the other aspect of herb gardening, which many people enjoy more, is the harvesting and the preserving of the herbs once the growing season ends.

Ask five different herb gardeners and you’re bound to get at least as many ideas about the best method to harvest these plants. A renown herbalist of centuries past  firmly believed that all medicinal plants should be harvested when the moon was waxing, just prior to it becoming full. Herbs taken at this time possessed their greatest potency. She did concede, however, that herbs would be preserved for an extended period of time if they were harvested during the waning of the moon. Confused?

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